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Air conditioners, heat pumps, ductless mini-splits, insulation, thermostats, indoor air quality accessories, and an extensive list of options answer to higher standards of quality. Whether you’re concentrating on environmental responsibility, temperature control, trimming costs, or the health of the living environment, we check every box. While our specialties include air conditioner installation, repair, and maintenance plans, our expertise extends far beyond.

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Therefore, reach out to us and have complete confidence in our integrity of job performance. Our technicians are not commission-based. Instead, we are motivated by greater results and value. We hold ourselves accountable for the quality and performance of your new cooling equipment.

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air conditioning installation

At Denali CS, we take an insightful, proactive, and holistic approach to the design and installation of cooling systems in North Texas. What does that mean for you? Recognizing the importance of both the little details and the big picture, targeting your needs today as well as tomorrow, we deliver complete and sustainable solutions. Additionally, we ensure you are satisfied with every aspect of your investment, from the smooth installation process to the comfort of your living or working space. Let us put precision control and unmatched efficiency at your fingertips.

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air conditioning repair

Repair or replace? That’s often the question. At Denali CS, we provide the insight, knowledge, and information to ensure smart decisions. We work within your budget and strategize a cost-effective plan.

When there’s a problem with your air conditioner, Denali CS finds the right solution. Know that our experienced technicians are not commission based but focus on achieving greater value and satisfaction from every job. Utilizing the most advanced diagnostic technology, we get to the bottom of all manner of issues with all makes and models of residential and commercial cooling systems.

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heating installation

For heating installation in North Texas, Denali CS brings integrity to every job. Family owned and operated, we hold ourselves accountable, maintaining exacting levels of service excellence. Let us set your mind at ease and ensure a smooth and rewarding start-to-finish process.

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heating repair

Let’s make sure your heating system is operating at its best. Whether you’ve noticed minor concerns or are faced with complete system failure, Denali CS focuses on your needs today while providing tomorrow’s solutions with ingenuity and sustainability. Don’t hesitate to us to pinpoint and resolve problems in North Texas.

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hvac system

When you need ductless split system repair, installation, or maintenance, call on our team of professionals!

There are times when big, bulky HVAC equipment simply won’t work. Tight spaces, targeting single rooms, renovations, additions, and all sorts of situations call for non-invasive installation, compact systems, and versatility in location. Ductless HVAC technology is the ideal solution. Streamlined and lightweight, mini-split systems require little more than a tiny hole in an exterior wall, access to electricity, and mounting capabilities. An outdoor compressor links to one or multiple streamlined, indoor air handlers. Each air handler allows customized settings, catering to preference and occupancy.

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maintenance plans

Maintenance Pro HVAC

  • 2 maintenance visits a year, spring/summer and fall/winter covered
  • No Service Fee
  • 1 year warranty on part repairs/labor
  • 15% discount on parts, labor, troubleshooting, and diagnostic fees
  • Priority scheduling
  • 3 $69 tune-up coupons for family and friends

Denali Diamond HVAC

  • 2 maintenance visits a year, spring/summer and fall/winter covered
  • 15% discount on parts, labor, troubleshooting, and diagnostic fees
  • No Service Fee
  • 1 year warranty on part repairs/labor
  • Priority scheduling
  • Plumbing safety inspection each year (check faucets, under sink for leaks, dye test for toilet to check for leaks, gas connectors, hot water heater flush, color of water, water quality (pH and alkaline level)
  • 3 $69 tune-up coupons for family and friends
  • $100 Per Year “Loyalty Credit” toward purchase of new system, up to $800
  • PLUS – Free electrical safety inspection