Electrical Fire this Christmas

Are You at Risk of An Electrical Fire this Christmas?

Many families will be decorating their homes for the holidays this weekend. And with that comes an increased risk of an electrical fire. In fact, you are more likely to die in a house fire in December than at any other time of year.

Fire can engulf a room in less than 1 minute. Unsurprisingly, Christmas decorations simply add fuel to the fire – quite literally. Paper chains, Christmas cards, decorations, and Christmas trees can feed an already dangerous fire.

Tips To Prevent A Fire:

  1. Never leave Christmas lights on unattended or overnight.  

Always ensure all Christmas lights, both inside and outside are switched off overnight and when you are out and about. Some people use timers to ensure their lights switch off automatically by a set time, this is a great idea as it is easy to forget to switch them off.

  1. Ensure your property has a smoke alarm.

Before you start decorating, ensure you have a smoke alarm fitted and make sure it works by testing it. Working smoke alarms will alert you to a potential fire as it will detect fumes before you are even aware of a problem.

  1. Check to make sure that your Christmas lights are safe to use.
  • If you are finding yourself unknotting twisted tree lights from a carrier bag then there is a fair chance that damage may have occurred to the delicate wiring and cables. This can cause overheating and fire.
  • How old are your tree lights? Modern LED lights do not create heat, so are a far safer option to use and are far more energy efficient. All Christmas lights sold nowadays are LED so if you are using old-style lights where you change your own bulbs, it is time for an upgrade.
  • Never attempt to repair tree lights yourself using insulation tape or attempting to join more than one set of Christmas lights together. This is dangerous and you will be at risk of electrical injury and fire. LED lights will need to be replaced if bulbs are not working.
  • Always inspect Christmas lights for damage before use particularly the wiring and plug. Make sure no bare wiring is visible and the plug is firmly in position.
  • Never use lighting outdoors that is not suitable for use outdoors. The packaging for the lights will clearly state if the lighting is suitable for outdoor use. Never guess or take chances.

Is your home electrically ready for Christmas?

Overuse of extension leads and extension leads plugged into other extension leads is commonplace in homes over Christmas. However, these types of electrical dangers are placing a huge strain on your sockets and this can lead to fire and overheating.

It is not too late to ensure the electrical safety of your home before Christmas. Contact us today for an Electrical Inspection. 

If you would like an electrical inspection contact us in Carrollton, TX.  Serving the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area, this team of experienced contractors is ready to help. This Woman owned & family-owned business prides itself on delivering stunning results, so you know you’ll always get quality work. Call (214) 350-9555 to discuss your electrical needs!

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