Northern Texas Residential Electrical Services with Denali CS


Denali CS has served as a premier electrical service provider since 2004, building an impressive resume of successful projects and satisfied customers. From electrical installation, retrofit and repairs to safety checks, car charging stations and generators, our expertise covers all of your electrical needs. Combining our in-field experience with modern innovation, we add efficiency, convenience and maximize the potential of the living or working space in North Texas.

Denali CS is a woman-owned, family owned business who works with homeowners, contractors, project managers and business owners, embracing new challenges and delivering superior quality on each and every job. Through an easily accessible line of communication and transparency, we target your specific goals and set your mind at ease.

Denali bitmogi holding a voltage tester
brightly lit kitchen/living area with recessed lighting and hanging fixtures over the bar


There are endless options for indoor lighting. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece, lighting up a space, adding to security, or optimizing the productivity of your home or business in North Texas, Denali CS brings experience, expertise, and ingenuity to every job.

From recessed lighting to ceiling fans and chandeliers, we cater to the demands and style of your space, answering with exceptional efficiency, reliability, and quality. Denali CS offers a full range of services including new indoor lighting installation, replacement, and repairs.

winding stone path through a densely landscaped yard with lights periodically illuminating the way forward


If you’re starting a landscaping project or looking to update the exterior of your home in North Texas, consider the many rewards of outdoor lighting. Along with extending your living space and increasing curb appeal, there’s safety, security, and increased property value benefits. Whether you’re highlighting certain features, creating a more inviting space, lighting up a path, or deterring problems, Denali CS accomplishes your vision. We can help you determine light placement and style, handle seamless installation, and maximize rewards.

woman with hand on door handle that is attached to a smart lock


Modern technology provides unmatched protection. Surge protectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and smoke detectors are invaluable and essential tools. While it may be tempting to run to the local hardware store and try a DIY project, do you really want to risk proper installation and operation?

Call today for surge protector, carbon monoxide detector, and smoke detector installation!

a fuse box being worked on with several screwdrivers and pliers easily within reach


Electrical wiring is not a DIY project.

Safety, efficiency, and longevity are important aspects of a specialized service. At Denali CS, we take the time to understand and answer your needs today while providing for tomorrow’s demands. Incorporating ingenuity and sustainability into every job, we deliver long-term solutions. Know that our team of electricians are motivated by pride in a job well done. We encourage you to contact us for a broad spectrum of electrical wiring options completed to your specifications in North Texas.

charging station of an electric car plugged in to the wall


Electric vehicles are becoming more popular with residents in North Texas. Keeping vehicles charged and ready is essential. Locating reliable, convenient charging stations can be a challenge. If you’re an electric vehicle owner, it’s the right time to consider installation of your own “fueling” station. Enjoy value, convenience and cost-savings by calling the professionals from Denali CS

front of a yellow gasoline/electric generator


For residential or small business use, a standby generator provides a trusted source of power during an outage. Compact, quiet and installed outside, the unit is up and running within seconds of an interruption. There’s no disruption to your daily life, operations, requirements and conveniences. All it takes is a call to Denali CS for a complete range of expert services in North Texas.