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The Importance of Regular HVAC Maintenance

Most car owners understand how regular maintenance, like oil changes, tire rotations, and filter changes, can significantly maximize performance. It’s a small price to extend the vehicle’s life. The same goes for air conditioners. And understanding the value of air conditioner maintenance means understanding more about how your air conditioning unit works. In most cases, your central air conditioner is a system that includes an indoor unit and an outdoor unit connected by copper tubing and electrical wiring. The complete system often both heats and cools your home, depending on the types of equipment installed. Keeping all parts of the system in good operating condition can be vital to your comfort and your system’s efficiency and help keep utility bills in check.

During regular air conditioner operation, dust, dirt, moisture from humidity or condensation, and microbial growth can build up on internal components. Left unchecked, these issues can corrode components like the evaporator coil and condenser coil. 

Regular AC maintenance and tune-ups can minimize many of the issues caused by the build-up of dirt and debris. If an HVAC technician performs them, these inspections allow your contractor to check for longer-term issues and, in some cases, take proactive steps to prevent premature failure or inconvenient breakdowns during the cooling season.

Annual air conditioner preventative maintenance may also be required to keep your warranty valid. Many manufacturers state on warranty documentation that installation and maintenance by a licensed HVAC service provider are a part of the warranty conditions.

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